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Dancing Doctors and Nurses

In these critical times when the whole world is struggling against the coronavirus outbreak, the human race has finally realised that their real superheroes are not any movie stars or sport stars, rather they are doctors, nurses and medical staff.

Dancing Doctors and Nurses

Across the world, the entire health service fraternity including doctors, nurses and support staff have been on the frontline in the ongoing battle against coronavirus. We must acknowledge that they are risking their own lives to help fellow human beings. They too have their family and friends who are worried about their well being.

Dancing Doctors and Nurses

Since past few months, doctors and nurses have been working round the clock and this stress obviously takes a toll on their health as well. Many images had surfaced online wherein the nurses had bruises on their faces for wearing the protective gear for several hours.

Dancing Doctors and Nurses

However, amid such difficult situation, doctors and nurses have risen to the challenge and are going out of way to keep themselves, their colleagues and also the patients motivated and entertained. Several video clips of dancing doctors and nurses from across the world are doing rounds on the internet.










By looking at these video clips, we can’t stop ourselves from praising their mental strength and praying for their well being.

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