PUBG Banned in India, Govt of India Bans 117 other Chinese Apps along with PUBG

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PUBG Banned in India

For the third time the government of India has banned Chinese mobile apps amidst the ongoing tension between India and China.

Chinese Apps Banned

This time 118 mobile apps have been banned, including the popular gaming app PUBG. The government has banned these apps citing national security as the reason.

PUBG Banned in India

Chinese apps that are banned this time include mobile apps such as Livik, WeChat Work, WeChat Reading, Applock, Carrom Friends, apart from PUBG.

PUBG Banned in India citing National Security

Chinese Apps Banned

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has banned these mobile apps using its powers under Section 69A of the IT Act. According to the government, these apps were involved in activities against India’s sovereignty, defense and security of states and public order.

These apps were involved in data theft and activities against India’s security and sovereignty

Chinese Apps Banned

The ministry has said in its statement that it had received many complaints about these apps. They received several reports that some mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms were stealing users’ data and constantly passing them illegally to their servers located outside the country.

224 Chinese mobile apps banned so far

Several Chinese apps have been banned before, including the popular TikTok. In late June, India banned 59 mobile apps from China, including TikTok & Helo. 47 more Chinese apps were later banned in late July. Thus, so far 224 apps have been banned in China.

Chinese Apps Banned

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