Pakistani TV Show Penal Member Falls from Chair during Live Telecast | Viral Video

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Pakistani TV Show Penal Member Falls from Chair

Just like in India, live TV shows, in which, a panel comprising few so called intellectual ladies and gentlemen enter into a heated debate on the latest political developments, is popular in Pakistan as well.

Recently, a panel member fell from his chair during a live TV debate show on a Pakistani news channel. A short video clip about this incident has gone viral on social media platforms and people are giving reactions on it. The incident happened on the channel ‘Duniya News’, during a live show hosted by anchor Syeda Ayesha Naz.

Four guest panelists were part of the show. They were discussing about the discontent prevailing among Pakistani citizens towards the incumbent government headed by Imran Khan. One of the panelists was expressing his views about it, when he suddenly had a big accident. His chair broke and he collapsed during the live show.

Seeing this, the host of the show Syeda Ayesha Naz was initially shocked for a few moments, but she used her presence of mind to cover up this embarrassing situation and immediately took an ad break. There is no information as to what happened after that and whether the panel member was ok or not?

However, the clip managed to find its way to social media and as always, hilarious reactions from all directions started pouring in. Some users found it to be funny, while some raised questions over the quality of chair used in this show.

Check out the reactions of Twitter users on this viral video clip.

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