Viral Video | Policeman Wears ‘Corona-Helmet’ to Spread Awareness During Lockdown

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Corona Helmet Police

The Chennai Police has adopted a unique method to spread awareness among people about the seriousness of the corona virus epidemic. A local artist has teamed up with a police officer to create a unique ‘Corona helmet’.

Corona Helmet Police

A policeman wore this helmet and interacted with people to advise them to stay at home during the lockdown.

Corona Helmet Police

According to the Police personnel who are currently serving 24 hours on the roads, the helmet is proving useful in making people aware.

Corona Helmet Police

Few video clips have surfaced online in which a policeman wearing the ‘Corona Helmet’ is seen explaining the importance to follow the lockdown rules in order to prevent the spread of virus.

It has been noticed that many individuals are not taking the lockdown seriously and can be seen roaming on the roads without any valid explanation to carry out an important work.

The name of the artist who has created ‘corona helmet’ is Gowtham.

Corona Helmet Police

The helmet has been affixed with spikes in order to make it resemble the structure of coronavirus as observed under a microscope. The masses are aware about this structure as it has been widely used by the media to cover various news items related to coronavirus.

The police personnel who have used this helmet while interacting with violators of lockdown have mentioned that the corona helmet is helping to grab the attention of public and carefully listen to the safety instructions. It helps in creating an effective visual impact as well as communicates a serious message in a light manner.

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