Top 5 Tips to Have a Pimple-Free Face | For Men and Women

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Tips to Have a Pimple-Free Face

Having Pimples is a common problem faced by youngsters these days. Pimples appear on your face at the most unwanted times and ruin your looks. Although, reasons for pimples are multiple and can vary from person to person, following these 5 tips can definitely help you in getting rid of these ‘not so pleasing’ guests.

Tip # 1: Avoid Stress

Tips to Have a Pimple-Free Face

In today’s fast-paced world, people deal with stressful situations, not just at work place but also at home and in social situations. Stress is the number 1 enemy in today’s lifestyle and causes number of health problems, some of which are very serious in nature. In human beings, stress triggers the release of a hormone called ‘cortisol’, which increases the probability of having pimples. You must try to avoid stress by following yoga, meditation and deep breathing techniques.

Tip # 2: Clean Yourself Thoroughly after Workout

Tips to Have a Pimple-Free Face

Cleaning one’s self, post workout is an often overlooked aspect of the health routine. This creates a range of problems from body odour to pimples. Thus it is always advisable to have shower after an intense workout session to get rid of the toxins which releases along with sweat during the workout.

Tip # 3: Use Skin Care Products and Cosmetics that Suit You

Tips to Have a Pimple-Free Face

Certain Skin care products or cosmetics may create an imbalance in your skin’s moisture retaining ability and some may even cause excessive oiliness. Both of these conditions lead to pimples. Thus, before selecting any skin care product or cosmetics, you should make sure that they do not contain harmful chemicals. Try to select products with natural ingredients as much as possible. Moreover, you should also be aware of your skin’s sensitivity to different products.

Tip # 4: No Smoking

Tips to Have a Pimple-Free Face

We all know that smoking is injurious to health in more than one ways. Smoking also alters your skin’s health in a negative way and makes it prone to wrinkles and pimples. So quit smoking at the earliest.

Tip # 5: Do Not Touch the Pimple Frequently

Tips to Have a Pimple-Free Face

If you have pimples on your face, you should never ever touch them or think of tweezing them. By doing so, the pimple may burst prematurely and may spread the bacterial infection to other areas of your face. Besides, it has been observed that, pimples that burst prematurely due to manual intervention tend to leave a dark spot which stays with you for a long time and spoils your facial look. Thus, if you get pimples on your face, the best option is to take care that you don’t touch it, intentionally or unintentionally and allow it to wane away naturally.

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