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Benefits of Drinking Water in Morning

In this article we will provide information about drinking water, immediately after waking up (before brushing your teeth) in the morning. Some of us would have developed this habit naturally as one might feel thirsty on waking up in the morning. However those who are not habituated to it are missing out on multiple health benefits.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Before discussing Benefits of Drinking Water in Morning, let’s talk about the quantity of water one should drink in morning. For those adults who are not habituated, should start with 1 full glass and gradually over a period of few months, should increase the intake to 3 glasses. For those who comfortably drink 1 glass, should start with 1 and half glass and gradually over a period of few months should scale it up to 3 glasses. 

Benefits of Drinking Water in Morning


Firstly, drinking water in the morning helps in flushing out the toxins which may have accumulated in our body during the night. This shall help you in having a healthy and glowing skin. 


Secondly, water intake in morning helps to hydrate the internal organs which may have been deprived of water due to long sleep. This helps in kick starting metabolism in the body. As you must be aware, appropriate metabolism is required to maintain a healthy weight in an individual.


Those who are habituated to drinking water in morning would never complain about digestive system related problems like constipation. This is because; water helps in creating requisite pressure in the morning and helps the system to get rid of waste.


Drinking water in the morning also helps in curing minor irritation or infection in the urinary track. 


In addition to these, drinking water in morning helps in controlling blood pressure, preventing formation of kidney stones and lifting up your mood for the rest of the day. 

 Please note that the water that you drink should be at room temperature. It should not be too cold. However, drinking lukewarm water along with other substances like lemon and honey has its own specific benefits, which we will discuss in a separate article.

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