5 Benefits of Cycling | Must Do It After the Lockdown is Over

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Benefits of Cycling

Human beings in the contemporary world have multiple options in terms of activity which they should do to maintain proper health. These include yoga, weight training, aerobics, dance etc. One such fitness activity which has so far been underrated is cycling.

Benefits of Cycling

In this article we have listed out multiple health benefits of cycling on regular basis.

1) Strengthens Muscles

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling puts moderate strain on various muscle sets of the body such as calf, thigh and lower back. This strain helps in strengthening these muscle sets which increases the overall functional strength of the body.

2) Beneficial for Heart and lungs

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling can be placed under the category of aerobic exercises. Thus, like all other aerobic exercises, cycling is beneficial for the overall health of the heart and also enhances the function of lungs.

3) Stress Buster and Mood Lifter

Benefits of Cycling

Those who do cycling on a regular basis have claimed that it is a fantastic stress buster and mood lifter, as it takes you away from your surroundings in which you work. This provides a relief as for the time being, when you are at an altogether a different place; you will stop worrying about your work and other personal issues.

4) Weight Control

Benefits of Cycling

Another benefit of regular cycling is it helps in controlling weight. This is possible as cycling involves lot of physical effort which burns calories that eventually helps in reducing the weight.

5) Reducing Environmental Pollution

Benefits of Cycling

If you are using bicycle instead of fuel driven vehicles for going to work, to complete your daily chores or to meet your friends, you are doing a great service to humanity and mother earth as driving bicycle does not lead to Carbon dioxide emission. If more and more people use bicycle for their routine work, air quality across the world will improve significantly.

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