10 Rare Pictures of Jupiter by NASA | Largest Planet of Solar System

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Pictures of Jupiter

As you must be aware, Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system. Since time immemorial, Jupiter has always fascinated ancient sky gazers and modern astronomers alike. Although it is located millions of kms away from Earth, it is the 3rd brightest natural object (after Moon and Venus) visible in the night sky of Earth.

Hereby we are presenting 10 stunning pictures of Jupiter which have been captured by America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Juno Space probe.


Pictures of Jupiter

Closest Ever picture of Jupiter


Pictures of Jupiter

In this picture, the visible egg-shaped pattern are the cyclones that have occurred on the planet


Pictures of Jupiter

A massive cyclone that was spotted near to the North Pole of Jupiter


Pictures of Jupiter

A complex pattern of clouds in the Northern hemisphere of Jupiter


Pictures of Jupiter

It is to be noted that Jupiter is a giant gaseous mass. It does not have a hard surface like Earth


Pictures of Jupiter

Picture of South Pole of Jupiter


Pictures of Jupiter

Closest ever picture of clouds of Jupiter (also referred to as Jovian Clouds)


Pictures of Jupiter

The Great Red Spot: This is the most prominent feature of Jupiter. The Great Red Spot is a persistent anticyclone which is even larger than Earth’s size.


Pictures of Jupiter

In this image, the Black spot is the shadow of one of Jupiter’s moon. Jupiter has 79 known moons


Pictures of Jupiter

A picture of Jupiter’s atmosphere. The sight of two cyclones colliding with each other is clearly visible.

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