Do you know that Doing this Small Trick with Money Plant will bring Prosperity in your Home?

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Money Plant

It is believed that by keeping money plants in home, one never faces any problems related to money or finance.

However, you must have sometimes observed that in some houses, despite money plants being kept, there are still a lot of problems related to money in those houses. Does it mean that there is no benefit of having a money plant at home?

This might make you wonder that even after having money plants in the house, how can the money related problems still exist? We will tell you why this happens.

Nowadays you will find a money plant in almost every house. It is believed that by keeping a money plant in the house, money related problems go away. Money plants are always associated with prosperity.

But many times the situation is exactly opposite. Despite having a money plant in house, rather than having happiness and prosperity, there are numerous problems in the houses of various people.

In such a situation you need to know why you have to face financial troubles even after keeping a money plant in your house.

Just by bringing a money plant in the house, your financial problems won’t get solved. You need to take care of certain things when you bring a money plant in your house. Also, it is very important to maintain the plant properly.

Money plants should always be kept in a neat and clean place. Remember, there should not be any dirt around it.

If you keep the following things in mind, then Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, will bless your house.

It is said that every Friday, a red thread or ribbon should be tied on top of the money plant. It is considered auspicious to do so.

In Hinduism, the color Red signifies love, affection, progress and success. Apart from this, tying a red ribbon in a money plant brings positivity in the house.

How should thread be tied on the money plant?

Follow these steps:


Every Friday, get up early in the morning and after your morning routine, worship Goddess Lakshmi.


While worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, a lamp must be lit in front of her.


After lighting the lamp, offer a red thread or ribbon to the feet of Goddess Lakshmi.


Doing meditation of Goddess Lakshmi, tie that thread or ribbon around the money plant,


If you have a money plant in the bottle at your home, tie this red thread or ribbon at the bottom of the bottle.

After taking these measures, you will see that the financial problems in your house will start to go away. That means goddess Lakshmi will enter your house and money will start pouring in from all directions.

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