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Shape of the foot and personality

The title of this post must have made you bit curious as to how can an individual’s true personality be known from the shape of his/her foot. Yes friends, there is an entire scripture dedicated to knowing individual’s traits and real character by studying the varied shapes of human foot.

1) Greek Foot

Shape of the foot and personality

When the second toe is longer than the first toe of the foot, it is referred to as ‘Greek Foot.’ People having Greek Foot have a creative bent of mind and are always prepared to face any challenges in their life.

2) Egyptian Foot

Shape of the foot and personality

Egyptian foot is the one where the first toe is the longest and the length of subsequent toes follows a descending order with the last toe being the shortest. Such people are inclined towards living an extravagant and lavish lifestyle. They are attracted towards expensive luxury goods.

3) Roman Foot

Shape of the foot and personality

Roman foot is characterised by first three toes being of same length with the fourth one being slightly shorter and last one being the shortest. Such individual have a balanced personality and can get along with other people with extreme ease.

4) Peasant Foot

Shape of the foot and personality

Foot where all toes are of nearly same length are referred to as peasant foot. It is also called ‘square foot’ as the overall foot resembles the square shape. People with Peasant foot are cool by nature. They never take hasty decisions; rather they arrive at decisions only after careful consideration.

5) Traveller’s Foot

Shape of the foot and personality

Traveller’s foot is referred to as foot where all the toes are at equidistance from each other. Or in other words we can say that the toes are stretched away from each other. As the name suggests, people having traveller’s foot are fond of travelling and exploring new places. They find it difficult to stay indoors and always seek opportunity to visit new places.

6) Foot with Stretched Toe

Shape of the foot and personality

In this foot shape the first toe is the longest and is stretched away from the remaining toes which appear to be in a cluster. Such people are very independent by nature. They do not like any boundaries in work or relationships. They love adventures.

7) Foot with Extremely Small Last Toe

Shape of the foot and personality

This foot shape is similar to the Egyptian foot except for the difference that the last toe is disproportionately small as compared to other toes. Such people may be secretive about a particular topic or an aspect of their life.

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