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Fashion Mistakes

Most of the men believe that having good looks and good physique is everything that they need to impress the opposite gender. However, this is not totally true. Females pay a lot of attention to the fashion quotient of males and often judge them over what they wear and how they carry it. In this article, we will discuss 5 fashion mistakes, that Men Should Avoid While Going For A Date.

Fashion Mistake #1: Wearing Dirty or Unironed clothes

Fashion Mistakes

Men often overlook this aspect of fashion as it actually does not matter for them while they hangout with their male friends. However, while going on a date, it matters a lot to wear clean and ironed clothes as it speaks a lot about your hygiene preference and also about how serious you are for the moment.

Fashion Mistake # 2: Wearing Too Tight or Too Loose Outfits

Fashion Mistakes

Weather upper wear or bottom wear, anything in excess i.e. too loose or too tight, will kill your overall look. What girls like is outfits which fit you perfectly and enhance your physical attributes.

Fashion Mistake # 3: More Than necessary Accessories

Fashion Mistakes

As mentioned earlier, anything in excess will ruin your overall look. This applies for accessories as well. Some men think that wearing more accessories will make them look attractive. But this is not true. Girls are interested in knowing; who you truly are rather than what you are portraying.

Fashion Mistake # 4: Trying All Latest Patterns

Fashion Mistakes

Some men think that it is cool to put on latest patterns, no matter how eccentric or flashy it may look. They often get inspired by their favorite celebrities. Many times, this habit leads them to put on attire that does not suit them at all and even become laughing stock. Firstly, you should understand your looks and body type properly and wear outfits that sync with your overall personality.

Fashion Mistake # 5: Wearing Running Shoes Everywhere

Fashion Mistakes

For some men, the word shoes mean only running shoes. They just put it on wherever they go, irrespective of the occasion. Avoid this mistake while going on a date as it will turn out to be a big fashion disaster and make you look very boring.

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