Amazing Solar Eclipse 2020 images from various parts of India and world

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Solar Eclipse 2020 images

Solar Eclipse 2020 images

Today is the first solar eclipse of the year. This will be a circular solar eclipse. Such a view is a rare sight on earth. The sun will look like a glowing ring.

Solar Eclipse 2020 images

This will be neither partial eclipse nor complete. This eclipse will be seen in North India. It will also be seen in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Kurukshetra, Chamoli, Sirsa, Suratgarh.

You can track the route of this solar eclipse on NASA’s website too.

Solar Eclipse 2020 images

Pictures and videos of this solar eclipse have started pouring in from various parts of India and the world. Now the next solar eclipse will occur on 25th of October 2022.

The solar eclipse in Dehradun looked like a ring of fire:

The view of the solar eclipse in the clouds in Delhi:

People kept trying to see the solar eclipse in Ranchi too. In some areas, due to clouds and rain, people could not get a proper view, while in some areas there was a view of the eclipse in the middle of the clouds.

This is the view of solar eclipse in Amritsar:

View of solar eclipse in UAE:

People are watching the eclipse right from their homes in Kurukshetra. Curfew has been imposed in the famous Brahma Sarovar area so that the risk of coronavirus infection does not increase.

Views from Jammu:

Here are some images from Jaipur, Rajasthan:


Amazing images of eclipse in Gandhinagar, Gujarat:

Here are some images from Mumbai too:

This eclipse is happening on the biggest day of the year. When the Moon enters between the Earth and the Sun and completely covers the central part of the Sun. This phenomenon is called annular solar eclipse. As a result, the circle of the sun appears like a glowing ring. Hence, today’s event is also called ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2020 images

In India, it became visible from 9:56 AM and will remain visible until 2:29 PM, according to a press release from the Planetary Society, India.

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