Know the Reason Why Mukesh Khanna Thinks Tiger Shroff is NOT Fit to Play Shaktimaan

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Mukesh Khanna Tiger Shroff Shaktimaan

During the the lockdown, Doordarshan started telecasting many old popular TV shows. After Ramayana and Mahabharata, repeat telecasts of Shaktimaan also started.

Meanwhile, a news also came that sequel to Shaktimaan is also being planned. Mukesh Khanna clearly stated that he will not be playing the role of Shaktimaan in the sequel and the lead role will be played by some other actor.

Mukesh Khanna Tiger Shroff Shaktimaan

Reacting to this news, people on social media started to suggest names of actors who should play the lead role in the sequel.

Mukesh Khanna did not agree when one of the fans suggested the name of Tiger Shroff for Shaktimaan sequel. As per a publication house, Mukesh Khanna stated that Tiger Shroff would not be fit to play Shaktimaan as his face does not reflect a spiritual feeling. This statement by Mukesh Khanna grabbed the media headlines as Tiger Shroff is the most promising young star of Bollywood and is also a favourite among kids.

Mukesh Khanna Tiger Shroff Shaktimaan

It is to be noted that Mukesh Khanna is known for expressing his views without any filters and without any fear. He even stated that neither Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar or Aamir Khan can play Shaktimaan because their star image will overshadow the character of Shaktimaan.

Mukesh Khanna Tiger Shroff Shaktimaan

Mukesh Khanna believes that Shaktimaan show was a hit not because of the action but for the values it promoted and the social messages that it gave to the audience. Earlier, Mukesh Khanna had stirred up media interest by stating that Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharat which was telecasted in 2008 was not up to the mark as it had altered and modified traditional values by giving a contemporary look to characters.

Please give suggestions as to which actor should play the role of Shakitmaan in the sequel.

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