‘Baaghi 3’ Director Ahmed Khan finds ‘Thappad’ to be Strange | Taapsee Pannu Responds

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Ahmed Khan Taapsee Pannu

Year 2020’s one of the most awaited film, ‘Baaghi 3’ has been released and has registered highest opening day collection by any film of 2020 so far.

Ahmed Khan Taapsee Pannu

Director of this film is Ahmed Khan, who currently grabbed media attention for his reaction to the movie ‘Thappad’, which released just a week before ‘Baaghi 3’.

Ahmed Khan Taapsee Pannu

Ahmed Khan found the concept of Movie ‘Thappad’ to be strange:

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Ahmed Khan mentioned that he found the concept of Movie ‘Thappad’ to be strange because if a husband slaps his wife, should she seek divorce and leave him forever? He said that if a wife has a problem with his husband for slapping her, she should in return slap him twice.

Ahmed Khan Taapsee Pannu

Ahmed Khan is off the opinion that if he slaps his wife, she should slap him back and finish the issue then and there itself. According to him it is way far too fetched that a slap would decide the fate of the couple whether they should stay together or not. However, he also added that, everyone may have their own views on a particular matter which is different from others.

Taapsee Pannu Responds to Ahmed Khan’s Reaction:

Ahmed Khan Taapsee Pannu

When the lead cast of ‘Thappad’, Taapsee Pannu was asked to respond on Ahmed Khan’s reaction, she said that he may make films on subjects he finds correct and that is the same for us. She said that the final verdict of any film has to come from the audience.

It is to be noted that, Taapsee is playing a role of a female named ‘Amruta’, who was slapped by her husband at a party.

Ahmed Khan Taapsee Pannu

Not liking this behaviour of her husband, Amruta takes divorce from her husband. ‘Thappad’ has been directed by Anubhav Sinha.

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