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Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

Friends, the past few weeks have been very intense for the whole of human race. Every human being across the world – whether rich or poor, old or young, literate or illiterate – have acknowledged that their life is in danger on account of the deadly coronavirus. Since the outbreak, most nations resorted to lockdowns to contain it. The whole situation which has emerged and is still evolving has doled out some important life lessons for us.

Lesson # 1:

Human beings are not the masters of the Earth.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

A small virus which is not even visible to the naked eye has terrified every human being and has forced us to restrict our mobility and stay confined to small space. On one hand we are trying to reach and conquer Mars, but on the other, we are facing existential crisis on Earth itself.

Lesson # 2:

US and European Nations are not Very Good at Handling Crisis.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

If you have a look at the numbers of infected cases of coronavirus and resultant deaths, the top 10 list comprises mainly of US and the European nations. These countries are the ones which have always been the dream destination for immigrants as well as tourists.

Lesson # 3:

No Religion or Religious Head can save human life.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

We humans have been fighting amongst ourselves in the name of religion. But these times have proved that No Religion or Religious Head can actually prevent or cure any disease.

Lesson # 4:

Doctors, Nurses and Medical Staff are the real heroes.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

It is high time we give up our obsession for glorifying movie stars and sportsperson. During these critical times, doctors, nurses and medical staff are the ones who are risking their own lives and helping their fellow humans.

Lesson # 5:

Human are Hoarders.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

No matter how well developed our logistics system may become; we humans can never do away with our ancient tendency to hoard things. Even at the slightest hint of uncertainty, we rush to hoard things, without caring for others.

Lesson # 6:

We now know how captivity feels.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

Being under lockdown, most of us must have realised that how animals and birds in zoo or in captivity may feel. For any living entity, physical freedom is of utmost importance.

Lesson # 7:

We can survive without junk food.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

For those habituated to junk food, lockdown has been like a god –sent opportunity to get rid of this bad habit. If you can survive without junk food for around a month, there is no reason you cannot do without it for a longer stretch of time.

Lesson # 8:

We live in world full of idiots.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

You must have seen many video clips wherein people are caught roaming on roads without any concrete reason amid the lockdown. For such people, taking a stroll is much more important than their own lives and lives of others.

Lesson # 9:

Without Humans in action, the Earth becomes a much beautiful place.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

Pollution data collected from across the world pinpoints to this fact that significant reduction in human activity keeps the atmosphere of the Earth cleaner. This has a direct bearing on the problem of global warming. Many video clips have also surfaced where sea creatures have started coming closer to the shoreline and wild animals have been spotted on the roads of the city. These occurrences indicate that how much wider space we humans occupy on this Earth.

Lesson # 10:

Family is the most valuable aspect of human life.

Lessons Learned from Coronavirus

On account of lockdown, individuals are spending more time with their family and are thus able to uphold a positive frame of mind amidst such gloomy times. Family acts as a support system and morale booster during these testing times.

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